Substantive Editor

An editor’s glance is vital to any written document or work that will be seen in the public eye.
It doesn’t matter whether it is just a blog or whether it is a news article or constituency report going out in a newspaper or a community newsletter; it is extremely important that your words say and mean what you intend to express to your reader. Even a 2 line business listing or advertisement can omit or contain an error – imagine having an incorrect email address in your ad, or a missing letter or number in your phone number or email address? Not so critical if it is only on-line, but imagine if this were in print and distributed to hundreds of thousands of readers and subscribers!

What I Will Do For You

As your editor I make sure your work is clean of errors and concisely written.
During our work together I will go over your work and make edits and suggestions – you don’t have to take my suggestions, though I strongly recommend you do. The kind of suggestion I might make is that you change the wording of a sentence or a paragraph, or take it out. I may suggest that you re-order your sentences or paragraphs; it depends on the level of editing that you have requested of me. After I have done my edits and offered my suggestions I will send it back to you for your review and revision – and you will then make all the corrections and send me back the corrected copy. We will do this until there are no more corrections to be made. This exchange ensures that there are no more errors in your work.

Contact Me

Cindy DeJager
Email: cindydejager.editor@gmail.com
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