advertisement or editorial?

Everyday I receive submissions from advertisers who ask to run an ‘article’  in our publication and I usually have to tell them that it does not comply with our editorial guidelines; that their article is really an advertisement.


But I wrote about my product and its benefits – isn’t that an article?

Even though you may have stretched it out over 300 or 400 words you have still written an Advertisement if your company name or the name of your product/service is mentioned. Really! Your company name, product, contact information such as telephone number, website and email address, mentioned in the body makes it an advertisement.  Why? Because you are selling the reader on the service or product and it’s benefits. Here is the definition of an advertisement: An advertisement is a ‘call to action’, its main purpose is to persuade the reader to buy the product or service.

Ok, so how the heck do I write an article about my product/service?

Your goal with an article  is to inform, educate , or entertain the reader. With an article you can impart facts, data, and information. A chiropractor can write about the causes of headaches , an interior designer offers simple solutions in home decor, and a mortgage specialist offers advice in finding the best interest rate.
Take the focus off selling your product or service and instead connect with your audience. Readers may resist blatant advertising but will gladly read about advice and tips from the pro’. Remember, YOU are your product/service – you are selling your expertise, your knowledge and qualifications – and who do you think they will remember when one  of your faithful readers requires your product. YOU!

Too many advertisers see only one way to reach their audience – paid advertising – but a very effective way of increasing your customers is by writing effective articles.


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