Cindy DeJager

Substantive Editor

An editor’s glance is vital to any written document or work that will be seen in the public eye.
It doesn’t matter whether it is just a blog or whether it is a news article or constituency report going out in a newspaper or a community newsletter; it is extremely important that your words say and mean what you intend to express to your reader. Even a 2 line business listing or advertisement can omit or contain an error – imagine having an incorrect email address in your ad, or a missing letter or number in your phone number or email address? Not so critical if it is only on-line, but imagine if this were in print and distributed to hundreds of thousands of readers and subscribers!

What I Will Do For You

As your editor I make sure your work is clean of errors and concisely written.

During our work together I will make edits and suggestions–you don’t have to take my suggestions, though I strongly suggest you do. The kind of suggestion I might make is that you change the wording of a sentence or a paragraph, or take it out. I may suggest that you reorder your sentences or paragraphs; it depends on the level of editing that you have requested of me. After I have done my edits and offered my suggestions I will send it back to you for your review and revision – and then you will make all the corrections and send me back the corrected copy. If there are any further changes or errors that have been introduced we will do the exchange again and will continue to do so until there are no more corrections to be made.
This exchange ensures that there are no more errors in your work.

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What types of work do I edit?


Books, novels, fiction and non-fiction .

My preferences are memoir, articles and non-fiction subjects.

Thorough Editing:

Tone, Flow, Dialogue word choice, Tense, Point-of-view, Sentence structure, Clarity

per hour $45.00
per word  $0.03

Developmental / Substantive Editing:

All of the above (Thorough Edit, plus)…

Restructuring for presentation and organization of the content

per hour  $55.00
per word  $0.05

Copyedit / Proofreading:

Basic: Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation

per hour $30.00
per word   $0.02

Copyediting and proofreading are essentially the final state of the editing processing. Proofreading consists of comparing the latest stage of the text/manuscript (often final proof pages) against the immediate preceding stage and marking the discrepancies within the text. Proofreading includes any or all of the following:

  1. Checking proof pages against typesetting specifications.
  2. Checking proof pages for problems in page make-up, layout, color separation, type, etc.
  3. Checking proof pages against an editorial style sheet and/or manual for inconsistencies in style.
  4. Reading for typographical errors and/or sense without reading against the copy.
  5. Querying and/or correcting errors and inconsistencies that may have been missed by an editor and/or author.

Zoom Call

Need to discuss your work? Book a 30 minute Zoom meeting with me.

Explanation of Rates

  1. Hourly rate is applied to small projects or extra revisions over and above the project description.
  2. Word rate is applied to manuscripts over 3000 words.

Terms and Conditions for Manuscripts
A writing sample consisting of a one or two chapters of the manuscript is requested in order to help us determine the level of editing that is necessary.

A contract will be negotiated that is acceptable to both parties.

Rush rates are 1.5 times the regular rate. Rush is defined as a project requiring completion within 1 business day.


  • PayPal (email invoice)
  • E-Transfer

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Work History

Opal Publishing, Nanaimo, BC

2014 – CURRENT

Founder and Owner
Publisher | Opal Magazine is published 12 times a year.
Create, manage, and publish the Opal magazines.

Your Holistic Earth

March 2021 – CURRENT

Editor for the HEAL 4.0 book

Great News Media, Calgary AB

2019-2020 Digital Marketing Sales

2009 – 2017 Senior Editor

91 Community newsletters (149 communities).
Circulation 450,000+ households and businesses in Calgary.
The main focus of the Editor at Great News Publishing is the gathering and organizing of news submitted by the community editors and outside sources. A strong knowledge of MS Office and Outlook is critical to the day-to-day business.
Manage all facets of the Editorial Department.
Establish deadlines and prioritize community content monthly.
Compile, organize, and prioritize the content for all books and make ready for graphic designer.
File Management of all emails and content submitted through the ‘News’ email address.
Liaise between Community Associations, Resident Associations, City, and Great News Publishing.
Compile and maintain public service announcements for use in community newsletters.
Proof mock-ups and ensure consistent quality and accuracy.

Rosetta Stone Press, Calgary, Alberta, 2000 – 2015

Publisher of The Many Waters, Lauretta Lueck
This company is closed now. The author, my mother, passed away on April 25, 2015.

Book Reviews 411, Calgary, Alberta, 2005 – 2006

Founder and Owner
Professional Book Reviews for Indy Authors

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