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This past Friday morning I had the pleasure of attending the regular Friday morning writing session at the Alexandra Writer’s Centre Society in Calgary.
What a great group of people!

Friday’s are Free Fall Friday writing prompts – a great method of boosting your creative writing – and this was my first time doing something like this so I just have to attest to its effectiveness! Fourteen people came out on Friday morning – and I am impressed with the writing skill of each and every person. The first writing prompt was to a photo that appeared in the Calgary Sun – a robin on the lawn with a worm poking its head out of the ground behind him. We wrote ‘free fall’ for about 15 minutes – no stopping – and no editing. It was difficult!

We went around the table and every person got to read his/her finished product to the group; it was amazing – well, I was amazed at what they could write in perfect prose!

We had time for two writing prompts that morning – and the second one was What’s Under Your House.

This was submitted by Catherine and with her permission I share it below:

For the Prompt: What’s under your house?

I Collect Salesmen 

I have a hobby I don’t like to talk about, but since you’re my shrink, and you can’t discuss me with anyone, I’m going to tell you.

I collect salesmen.

I live on a cul-de-sac at the end of the lane where the neighbourhood slams into untouched forest. My one neighbour is an old man who I last saw out watering his lawn back when Twitter was just a sound that birds made. My other neighbour is a flight attendant who is either away half the week or brings a new pilot home to spend the weekends indoors with the blinds pulled down.

We are so far out of the city centre, and still we have door-to-door, bell ringing salesmen hounding us daily between two to seven pm.

They come, every kind; water irrigation, new gas companies, roofers and home renovations, painters, gadgets. They have no shame. I tell them no and they keep talking like it’s going out of style. Some stick their foot in door and try to force their way in. When I was younger, I could slam the door on them, but it’s getting harder. They are a terrible lot, all of them.

 Well, this summer, I decided enough was enough and finally invited one inside.

A vacuum salesman stood in my doorway in thick glasses and a blue suit on the hottest day of the year. He reached into my house and set the machinery with a thud onto my hardwood floors. You should have seen his eyes sparkle as he set up his display in my living room. Every question I asked, he avoided, talking over me continuing the sales pitch. His voice rose higher and higher as if bleeding enthusiasm.

They say most out of work actors become waiters and waitresses. Not true! I believe most become salesmen.

After not answering my question about price, he ran with the sales pitch close and stood proud and silent with a beaming smile. I made a decision. I told him I would buy his vacuum, but only after he joined me in having a soothing chamomile tea.

How could he say no?

Most people don’t keep arsenic in their cupboard. Well, I do.

He was the first to keep my roses company.



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April has Arrived!

Thank goodness for the arrival of April!

It has been the worst winter ever here in Calgary and we are still getting snow and lower than normal temps. But with the days getting lighter and longer now I feel a renewed energy and motivation to spring clean my office space and get things organized.

I have just moved into a new condo this past weekend and I am excited about the little nook (a space off my bedroom) where I can put my writer’s desk and laptop, and books, and more books…I am severely behind in my reading, both for pleasure and business. 

April is Poetry Month! I love poetry – and I have dabbled at writing poetry all my life. Perhaps I’ll share one or two with you this month. If you have any poetry that you want to share, please send me your prose and I’ll be posting your favourite poetry for the whole month of April.


Question for the Editor

Q: One space or two after a period?

A: One space between two sentences. It doesn’t matter whether the sentence ends in a period, question mark, exclamation mark, or colon.

If you have a question you would like answered, email me at wordsaremybusiness.ca@gmail.com, and I’ll be happy to answer it and may even post it on this page.


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