A long hiatus…

file000962069117It has been about a year since I have been actively blogging – I am still working and editing but I have recently had to cope with the passing of my sister and most recently the passing of my mother. So if you were following me and wondered what suddenly happened, wonder no more. It has to have been the hardest time of my life so far. I was very close to both of them and the loss is immeasurable. But I know that I can’t continue mourning and I have to get my feet planted back on the ground. So, here I am again.

Recently I met with some wonderful writers and authors, most of whom are self-publishing. When I have asked them if they used an editor all of them have said no. There are lots of reasons for this, and I do understand that the cost of editing can be expensive – but so is publishing a book. It is so sad to see someone’s hard work, and perhaps years of writing published in a book that may have cost them thousands of dollars – only for me to find a dropped sentence on page 10 or worse yet a researcher of a prominent university misspelling a medical practice. These errors and omissions can be avoided; sometimes all you need is just a proof read. Once your book is printed and you have a run of 700 books sitting in your basement or garage, it is final.

Editors are an authors best friend and resource. You should choose your editor like you would choose any other business; get quotes, have a meeting with them and see you ‘click’, check their fees, and be sure if you don’t understand how something is charged get a satisfactory explanation.  Most editors understand that the budget is tight and though we have a fee structure we will work with you if it is not too unreasonable. Also, when you do choose your editor, get a written agreement stating exactly the expectations you have agreed upon.

Because there are so many self publishers out there the competition for book sales is that much greater. You can begin to cut that competition greatly by having a superior product. The first step to a great book is having an editor.





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