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Hello Authors and Writers!

Words Are My Business specializes in substantive editing.

My experience in editing began more than 15 years ago, and today I am the senior editor for a large publishing company in Calgary.

I welcome your manuscripts, fiction and non-fiction, and I also accept business projects and newsletters.

You can download my Fee Guide at the bottom of this page and for more detail about the kinds of editing I do you can see my Services page.

Feel free to contact me  – I am available to answer any questions that you have and I will negotiate the best possible price with you.


What is a Substantive Editor

Substantive editing, also known as structural editing, focuses on the content, organization, and presentation of an entire text, from the title through to the ending. Substantive editors help writers define their goals, identify their readers, and shape the manuscript in the best possible way. They clarify the argument, fix the pacing, suggest improvements, and draw missing pieces from the author. These essential skills apply to fiction and non-fiction alike, including books, magazines, reports, legal decisions, and corporate and government writing of all kinds. They are equally useful for writers, too, as they revise their final drafts to submit to literary agents or publishers or to self-publish through Amazon, Google, or some other platform on the Web.

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Why Do I need a Writing Sample?

I ask for a writing sample so that I can determine how much editorial help you might need. The least amount of editing is in copyediting where punctuation, basic grammar, and spelling are corrected, and the most amount of editing is in substantive and organizational editing where entire paragraphs may be re-written and moved or deleted.

What I Will Do For You?

It is my job to make sure that your work is clean of errors and your words are concise.

During our work together I will go over your manuscript and make suggestions (other than the edits) – you don’t have to take my suggestions; you are the author and in the end it is your decision to make the changes I’ve requested. The kind of suggestion I might make is that you change the wording for a sentence of paragraph or take it out. But it is still your call in the end.

  1. After I have done my edits and offered my suggestions on your manuscript I will send it back to you for your review and revision.
  2. This is the time for you to review my edits and questions/suggestions and send me back the corrected copy.
  3. I will proof your corrected copy and compare it with the copy that I have to make sure that all requested corrections have been made. During this time it is quite normal to find more errors and changes required – so I will send those back to you again.
  4. Again, you will make the changes and send your corrected copy back to me.
  5. Again, I will proof it. We will do this until there are no more corrections to be made. This exchange ensures that all edits and revisions have been made – there are no more errors in your manuscript.

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